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There is an interval in the ebb and flow of a tide when the tide appears to be neither rising or falling. A stillness surrounds my kayak. In these moments of stillness I am reminded how the universe works and the good fortune of living near the water’s edge. The light reflecting off the water, shapes and color of the rocks, floating grasses, surrounded by islands of indigo blue. Then the quiet shift begins as if the universe wakes from a short nap. Movement all around me. This collective awareness of my surroundings and the energy of ebb and flow inspires and informs all aspects of my creative process.


 My paintings explore the exchange of energy that I feel in the natural world.  Gathering fragments of sensory experience from my local environs I work from memory. This is how it ‘feels.’  Often my starting point is a series of gestural lines that express a memory or experience of place. Through addition and subtraction of paint and marks I build a dialog with the surface below until the layers suggest a deeper history. Music is always in the background. In the span of one day, a painting can change completely as new elements or relationships are discovered - truly the ebb and flow of my painting dance.

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